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Ever since I lost my favorite pair of riding gloves (well, I only lost one, which made the other useless), I have been unable to find a pair I like.

Until today, when I came home and discovered the gloves I ordered a few days ago had arrived, and I really like them. The pair I've been using are okay.

Does anyone want a pair of leather gloves that turn your hands black? Um, yeah. I've been hanging onto these as my back up pair, but now I don't want them. I feel like I shouldn't throw them away because I've only worn them like twice; it just sucks that they turn my hands black.

I might go out to dinner. Again.

edit: so, I just read this over when I posted it, and I thought, is a 10-year-old writing my entries? um, yeah. one would be surprised that I actually completed law school.

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hehe. i'm actually looking for a pair of riding gloves (since my old ones are battered) so if you're serious about getting rid of them, toss them my way. i can even pay you for them if you'd like.

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