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I'm starving. Maybe I have a tapeworm? So far, two cups of tea and two muffins, and I am seriously hungry.

That, and I'm compiling this medical records timeline. I am on page 239 of 1500 something. At least they are relatively in order regarding date but none of these doctors dictated! wtf! This is going to take forever.

I got here early (7am) so I can leave early for riding! Yay!

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I think I have the tapeworm as well. I'm starving. I'm trying to make sensible lunch plans, and it just isn't working.

I want to have an insensible lunch :)

I think my hunger is your fault, since I keep thinking about your free hotel breakfast plans with yummy food, pancakes, and bacon! ;)Mmmmm. I love breakfast. And biscuits, which really aren't available up north. Sigh.

Keep in mind, I havent actually had that kickass breakfast yet. I have only had oatmeal with blueberries and a coworker that taunts me.

The only great breakfast I've had so far was the ones I cook on Sundays.

well, true. but you still have that dream of a great breakfast :) soon, and with a cute boy!

He's "Dating a girl back home"


do you have a gay boy/unavailable boy magnet? :)

perhaps you need to try a different city? DC still a possibility?

yes, I do.

But he just stopped by and made plans for tomorrow. So we are trying to do breakfast tomorrow. We'll see :)

And he phrased it "Dating a girl" not "Girlfriend"
perhaps I'm looking into that too much?

seduce him ;)

he's going to have so much fun with you, he will stop thinking about the girl back home

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