thinking about blogs...

The first definition listed on of "blog" is:

Short for weblog.
A meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life. Consists of such riveting entries as "homework sucks" and "I slept until noon today."

I am curious, if anyone will share his/her thoughts, on what the value of a blog (personal, business, political, news, etc.) is to the community/society. Or value on a smaller scale, to yourself and/or your immediate circle.


I've written about this bread before; my mom (and sometimes I'm around to help) makes this bread at holidays. It's a sweet bread, and filled with different stuff. My mom wrote down the recipe as her grandmother taught her how to make it (I need to make it with my mom a few more times before I can make it myself). That side of the family came from Croatia/somewhere in eastern Europe. This one is filled with poppy seeds, dates, walnuts, and brandy. Apparently, my great-grandmother also made one with golden raisins, which would also be delicious.

You roll the bread dough out thin enough that you can read a newspaper through it, cover it with the filling, and then roll it all up. Collapse )

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Before Marbury v. Madison was decided in 1803, at which time the Supreme Court decided its job was to interpret the Constitution and seized all power, the Justices did not have a whole lot of work to do.

So, they rode their horses and drove their buggies to the court session, drank wine, and chatted the afternoon away. (Seriously, I'm not making this up). That would have been a nice job.

Having a slow day, and leaving early because I'm riding earlier than usual (4:30). I'd like to go to lunch now.

oh yeah

Baby shower yesterday.

Approximately 50 women, toddlers, and babies: my version of hell.

I got there around 10am, thinking we'd eat first. Nope, Misty opened her presents first, so I sat there starving, made worse by the smell of bacon drifting over from the kitchen.

Hung out with Misty after most everyone left, since I drove all that way, I thought I might as well stay for awhile.

It was a nice drive, then horse show when I came home.

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I'm starving. Maybe I have a tapeworm? So far, two cups of tea and two muffins, and I am seriously hungry.

That, and I'm compiling this medical records timeline. I am on page 239 of 1500 something. At least they are relatively in order regarding date but none of these doctors dictated! wtf! This is going to take forever.

I got here early (7am) so I can leave early for riding! Yay!

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Ever since I lost my favorite pair of riding gloves (well, I only lost one, which made the other useless), I have been unable to find a pair I like.

Until today, when I came home and discovered the gloves I ordered a few days ago had arrived, and I really like them. The pair I've been using are okay.

Does anyone want a pair of leather gloves that turn your hands black? Um, yeah. I've been hanging onto these as my back up pair, but now I don't want them. I feel like I shouldn't throw them away because I've only worn them like twice; it just sucks that they turn my hands black.

I might go out to dinner. Again.

edit: so, I just read this over when I posted it, and I thought, is a 10-year-old writing my entries? um, yeah. one would be surprised that I actually completed law school.

the road beckons...

As we all know, I am OBSESSED with road trips. I'm dying to take a trip. I need a road trip buddy, or I need my parents to take me with them.

My parents drove, literally, everywhere.

It all started on their honeymoon, when they drove to California. Last weekend, we (me, Mike, and Eda) thought it would be fun to watch the slides from my parent's honeymoon. Yes, we have a slide projector, screen, and several boxes of slides (most of them are from concerts my dad went to, like Alice Cooper and so forth).

First, you see prairie. A lot of prairie. Then mountains, and snow! They stopped in Salt Lake City where one of their friends was in grad school, had a picnic, where they took a picture of a one-eyed dog. My parents were totally stylish. My dad had not one, but TWO pairs of plaid pants! (It was the 70's). They went to the Grand Canyon, saw some burros, desert and more desert, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, California. Not many pictures on the drive home, because all there was to see was prairie.

My grandma and her brother drove out west as well. They meandered all over the west (sometime in the 40s?), and almost made it to California but they turned around because her brother missed his girlfriend! My grandma also drove to Mexico with her parents, and vacationed with them until she was 35 (so I told my parents that's how long they will be taking me on vacation!)

Summer. Road. Car. That's all I need to be happy.
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