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we need some happiness
Things that make me happy today:

1. It's Friday!

2. I'm going to see my parent's tomorrow afternoon, and potentially I will return with some furniture. My mom will make me breakfast; I will visit my grandma.

3. I have a riding lesson tomorrow!

4. Things to look forward to: I am going to ride Hank at the show at the end of July. Whee! He will be lots of fun to show. Devon rode him in a walk-trot class in like March or something, and apprently Hank was confused, like, wait, there is supposed to be more gaits! Hopefully he won't be similarly confused by w/t/c. I've been riding him well lately, and I think it will be a good learning experience. And Neva thought he was a good choice for me (yay me!).

5. The park next to my office rents kayaks. Watching people who have never done this before is hilarious (okay, I would probably suck at it, but it's so funny watching others). They are traveling in a big clump, apparently unable to figure this out. Even funnier: watching people tip over and try to climb back in. Heehee. Much entertainment.

6. Someone brought cake. I love cake. I like the frosting. Cake for breakfast=good idea.