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the road beckons...
As we all know, I am OBSESSED with road trips. I'm dying to take a trip. I need a road trip buddy, or I need my parents to take me with them.

My parents drove, literally, everywhere.

It all started on their honeymoon, when they drove to California. Last weekend, we (me, Mike, and Eda) thought it would be fun to watch the slides from my parent's honeymoon. Yes, we have a slide projector, screen, and several boxes of slides (most of them are from concerts my dad went to, like Alice Cooper and so forth).

First, you see prairie. A lot of prairie. Then mountains, and snow! They stopped in Salt Lake City where one of their friends was in grad school, had a picnic, where they took a picture of a one-eyed dog. My parents were totally stylish. My dad had not one, but TWO pairs of plaid pants! (It was the 70's). They went to the Grand Canyon, saw some burros, desert and more desert, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, California. Not many pictures on the drive home, because all there was to see was prairie.

My grandma and her brother drove out west as well. They meandered all over the west (sometime in the 40s?), and almost made it to California but they turned around because her brother missed his girlfriend! My grandma also drove to Mexico with her parents, and vacationed with them until she was 35 (so I told my parents that's how long they will be taking me on vacation!)

Summer. Road. Car. That's all I need to be happy.

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Agreed. you must come visit me and the PONIES if/when we move.

road trip!

i am a complete roadtrip addict. my fiance and i love to go wandering with no plan whatsoever. we even have a roadtrip blog!!! drive.and-a-half.com. lol.

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